Startup Showcase: International Scale-Ups

Dec 1, 2019 | Recognition

Up to five successful international (excluding New Zealand and the Pacific Islands) startup participants will receive the opportunity to address global problems in the agrifood sector and provide a solution through their 3-minute international scale-up showcase. 

Successful participants receive accommodation, a travel subsidy of up to AU $1,000 for airfares, and an evokeag. Two-day delegate ticket. All successful international scale-ups showcase participants will also receive a place in this year’s Startup Alley.




Edete solves the pollination deficiency challenge by developing and manufacturing efficient automated end-to-end pollination systems, providing optimized pollination services to growers. About 75% of the world’s nutritional diversity depends on insect pollination in quantity and quality.

However, the number of species and the insect population in the world is decreasing. Honeybees, the main insect pollinator, are facing Colony Collapse Disorder and are in short supply. Edete’s service secures and increases the yield, solves pollination problems like flowering dis-synchronization of different varieties required for mutual pollination, bees’ dependency on favorable weather conditions, and will enable planting the best cultivar only.

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