About Edete

Who We Are

Our journey began in 2016 when Eylam Ran (CEO), Keren Mimran (VP of Marketing), Ori Inbar (Chairman), and Elad Etgar founded Edete with a vision to revolutionize the agricultural industry. Starting in Israel, we deployed our cutting-edge technology and witnessed its success firsthand. Buoyed by these results, we headed to California to conduct tests on wind- and insect-pollinated crops, where we demonstrated remarkable double-digit increases in yield compared to controls.

We understand the difficulties that arise from unreliable insect-based pollination and the impact of climate change on the synchronization of blooming between male and female trees or different varieties required for cross-pollination. That’s why we developed Edete’s Precision Pollination solution, which has already proven its effectiveness in increasing the yield of almond and pistachio orchards, with plans to address more crops in the near future.

overhead view of Edete pollinator and tractor in orchard

case study

acres of pistachios

% increase in nuts per acre

case study

acres of pistachios


pink and yellow pistachio cluster on branch with green leaves

Our Vision

A Sustainable Future

At Edete, we take great pride in our commitment to providing a reliable and sustainable pollination solution. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to push the boundaries of agricultural innovation. Whether you’re a grower or a company involved in agriculture, we are here to provide you with a Plan-B customized and efficient solution that will transform the way you approach crop pollination and is your adaptation to climate change.


the people behind edete

Meet Our Team

We’re a group of innovators and agricultural experts with a common goal. We provide a Plan B for pollination that is natural, effective, and environmentally conscious.

headshot of Edete team member Eylam
Eylam Ran

CEO, Founder

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Former VP of Engineering & R&D at Plasan Ltd., Eylam led a team of more than 200 top engineers and scientists. Eylam has vast experience in translating technology ideas into commercialized products, with particular expertise in agricultural automation and orchard irrigation. Eylam holds a BSc in Mechanical Systems Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

headshot of Keren Mimran VP Marketing & BD, Founder
Keren Mimran

VP of Marketing + Business Development, Founder

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Former VP of Marketing & Business Development at Store Next, Retalix, Keren led the implementation of the company’s information services, achieving a leadership position in the retail market. She has also acted as business development consultant to leading companies: Coca Cola IL, Adama, eBay. Keren holds a BA in Economics and Asian Studies and an MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

headshot of Edete team member Ori
Ori Inbar

Chairman, Founder

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Former VP Sales & Marketing in SCR by AllFlex (Today called Antelliq which become part of Merck/MSD animal health division recently). Ori played a significant role in the rapid growth of SCR for 18 years, helping to bring the company to a leading global position in animal monitoring technologies that enhance the efficiency and profitability of dairy farms. Before SCR, Ori held various roles in the IT and dairy sectors. Ori holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

headshot of Edete team member Elad
Elad Etgar


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Founder and CEO of Elad Etgar – Designing Better Crops, which develops and supplies unique harvesting solutions  for large and small agrarians, growers, farms and plants. Elad brings more than 25 years of experience in agricultural machinery, specializing in developing crop-specific, customized solutions for mechanized harvesting. Elad leads a team of engineers who excel in translating requirements and specifications into fully functioning mechanized solutions.

headshot of Edete team member Assaf
Asaf Borenstein

VP of Operations

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Asaf worked at the research department at Plasan Ltd. as a terminal ballistics engineer and then as a program engineering manager in its Composite Material division. Prior to Plasan he worked at Multisource as an operations manager and at Mellanox as a technology project manager. Asaf is an expert in machine-environment relationship, FTIR spectroscopy signal analysis, finite-element analysis, program engineering management, terminal ballistics and shock waves. He holds an MSc in Agriculture Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of technology.

headshot of Edete team member Meital
Meital Issacharoff Shaked

VP of Engineering

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Meital joins Edete from Elbit Systems, where she headed up the Environmental Engineering department, responsible for the design and testing of all the company’s products across four professional groups: structural & dynamic analysis, flow & thermal analysis, environmental lab, and reliability testing. At Elbit, she also served as program manager, leading a wide range of technical projects for Helicopter solutions. Meital has extensive experience leading large-scale groups of engineers and multidisciplinary teams in multi-million-dollar projects. In addition, she is an expert in finite element analysis and dynamic measurements.

Meital holds a Bachelor of Science and MSC in Agricultural Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

headshot of Edete team member Zvi
Dr. Zvika Asaf

Senior Analysis & Research Engineer

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Zvika is bringing Edete vast experience of over 20 years as a researcher in the Technion focusing on modeling soil–tool interaction and traceability of vehicles at off-road conditions as well as 15 years as Head of FEA Simulation and survivability team at Plasan Sasa.

An expert professional with a focus on Discrete Element simulation, Multibody Simulations, CFD, simulations, Soil Dynamics, Terramechanics, Mechanic of materials, Soil implement interaction, Agricultural engineering, Off-road vehicle performance prediction, High strain rate dynamic simulation- Crash, Blast, Penetration, FE Analysis.

headshot of Edete team member Oded
Oded Drori

Mechanical Engineer

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Oded holds a BSc in Agricultural Engineering and an MSc in Civil Engineering, both from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Prior to Edete, Oded worked at Plasan Sasa Ltd. in research, occupant survivability, and product development. Oded has experience and expertise in finite element analysis, multibody analysis, computer-aided design, integration of actuators and sensors, and component manufacturing.

headshot of Edete team member Gilad
Gilad Ben Zvi

Mechanical Engineer

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Prior to joining Edete, Gilad worked for about 10 years in research, development and engineering of artillery systems at Elbit Land Systems. Gilad led and took part in numerous system designs from concept on paper all the way up to realization as a complete product. Gilad has experience and expertise in designing dynamic mechanisms and systems that work under heavy shock loads, designing mechanically complex mechanisms, dampening shocks and vibrations, strength analysis using the finite element method (FEM), manufacturing design and realization of design.

headshot of Edete team member Amit
Amit Rubin

Mechanical Technician

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Amit brings to Edete extensive experience in the operation of agricultural and technological equipment, accumulated in a long career providing tree pruning services during his life on kibbutz, and as a partner in “Magnus International Search and Rescue”. He served for several years as the community director in the locality of Mikhmanim and is a grower of olives used in the production of olive oil.  Amit contributes to the community as a member of a local search and rescue unit and has helped save the lives of numerous hikers.

Headshot of Edete team member Dr. Zvi
Dr. Zvi Rosenstock

Senior Physics Researcher

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Zvi brings to Edete PTA extensive knowledge in High Voltage (HV), Electrostatics, Electrical Conductance, and Electromagnetics. For the last 19 years, Zvi has worked at Rafael, mainly with Electromagnetic and HV, and served most recently as head of Rafael’s ElectroMagnetic Compatibility group. Zvi has been awarded Katzir Fellowships, published several papers, and given numerous lectures.

Zvi holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (his dissertation was on “Point Defect Distribution and The Electric Transport Properties In Thin Films of Cu2O Under Chemical and Electrical Potential Gradients”) and an MA in Physics from the Technion as well (his thesis was on “The Influence of Electric Charge On The Collision and Coalescence Of Large Droplets Diameter Of ~270 Microns With Small Droplets Diameter Of ~130 Microns). Zvi contributes to the community as a member of a local Search & Rescue unit and has been involved in many life-saving operations for over a decade.

headshot of Edete team member Gal
Dr. Gal Sapir

Senior Horticulture Researcher

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Gal brings to Edete extensive expertise in pollination and tree biology, following his position as a researcher at MIGAL Northern R&D, where he was the lead in applied pollination research for a variety of cultivars such as apple, pear, plum, almond, kiwifruit, litchi, and avocado. All of his projects led to increased income for local growers and gave rise to multiple publications of peer-reviewed papers in this field.

Gal holds a PhD in Horticulture from the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (his thesis was on Gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) in Japanese plum, Prunus salicina), and an MSc thesis from Tel-Aviv University. Gal’s research covers GSI implications on the genetic control system, its implications in orchard design, and appropriate bee management to overcome semi-compatibility in order to enhance yields.

headshot of Edete team member Gili
Gili Loven

Botanic Team Leader

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Gili brings more than eight years of experience in agriculture horticulture and is a certified vintner and wine maker.

Prior to Edete he served as a research assistant at the Migal Galilee Research Institute, where he conducted field and lab research on bee pollination of various crops. Gili also served as a vintner and wine maker in several leading Israeli wineries (Amphorae, Carmel) over a period of eight years. He himself is a vine grower and produces his own white wine.

In addition to having studied medicine for 4 years at UNIOB (Italy), Gili is a graduate of the Cellar Master course at Tel Hai College (Israel), and the Vineyard and Wine Trades program at CFPPA (France) and Ohalo College in Katzrin (Israel).

headshot of Edete team member Elkana
Elkana Frank

Research Assistant Agrotechnology

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Elkana brings more than 15 years of experience in industrial agriculture, including a period managing his own organic farm. Prior to joining Edete, he served as head of soil management at Kibbutz Ein Harod, where he gained invaluable experience in machinery-soil-crop interaction, and he continues to consult on soil preservation at the kibbutz. During his five years as an organic vegetable grower, Elkana added know-how about small-scale organic cultivation to his extensive agricultural experience. He studied agriculture for three years at the Hebrew University as part of a BA program.

headshot of Edete team member Lisa
Lisa Kalovski

Biotechnology Engineer

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A highly professional biotechnology engineer, Lisa brings to Edete’s botanic department a deep understanding of working methods, data management, and execution abilities in the startup R&D world. After three years in the medical device startup industry, she is familiar with highly dynamic and creative thinking environments. In her previous work in O2Cure, she helped develop an artificial lung as part of a small multidisciplinary team and was the product’s safety project leader. She has broad knowledge and experience in in-vivo and in-vitro research methods and is eager to put this into action in the botanic world. 

Lisa holds a bachelor’s in Biotechnology and Food Engineering from the Technion Institute.

headshot picture of Dr Eran Borenstein an AI Advisor and team member for Edete Precision Pollination
Dr. Eran Borenstein

AI Advisor

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Eran is a computer vision and machine learning expert with over 25 years of combined industry and academic expertise. He specializes in building and inventing machines and algorithms that solve challenging problems,
especially in areas calling for curiosity, creativity and expertise in artificial intelligence, computational science, probability theory, and
foundation models. Noteworthy achievements include developing a video-search engine acquired by Microsoft;  Co-founding two startups for detecting and preventing suspicious
behavior on social media platforms; Inventing a multiscale distillation pipeline that enables running AI at lower costs and on edge devices;  and creating a scalable, secure, and unbiased recognition model for smart homes.

headshot of Edete team member Gil
Gil Pearlberg

IP Manager

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Gil Perlberg is an IP Development executive focusing on the creation of high-value IP portfolios.  Drawing on more than 25 years of senior R&D and product management experience, Gil specializes in aligning the protection of intellectual property with business objectives and R&D innovation. 

His previous positions include Vice President of IP at Shellcase Ltd., a semiconductor IP company, Chief Operating Officer at Hybrid Razor, Ltd., a consumer product company, and Vice President of Product Development and Engineering at TraceGuard Inc., a homeland security company. Gil also facilitates innovation sessions at local and international companies, specializing in IP generation and new product development. He is a named inventor on more than 25 US patents.

A graduate of the Technion (Israel) in Mechanical Engineering, Gil holds M.Sc. degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Drexel University (PA) and an MBA from New York University (NY).  He is also a graduate of the Technion Institute of Management.

headshot of Edete team member Yval
Yuval Rosenstock

 IT Manager

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Prior to joining Edete, Yuval has spent 29 years at the Mekorot Water Corporation, focusing on the company’s Information Technology activities.  As part of Mekorot, Yuval specialized in building and managing distributed infrastructure and supporting onsite and offsite users. Yuval holds a BSc. from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Computer Science) at the Technion Institute and an MA from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Haifa University in crisis management.

headshot of Edete team member Sigal
Sigal Shachar

Finance Manager

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Sigal Shachar has over 20 years of experience in high-tech companies in healthcare investments environment . As former CFO at Naiot Ventures Accelerator, an Israeli seed investment firm, Sigal served as a board member for several of Naiot’s portfolio companies. Prior to joining Naiot, she was a controller at GE Healthcare Israel for 6 years, and at various startups in the fields of homeland security, communications, software, renewable energies, ranging from small firms to large corporates. She has vast experience in leading M&A and Due Diligence processes and extensive experience in accounting for high-tech companies.  Sigal is an Israel-certified CPA and holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

headshot of Edete team member Astar
Astar Ifergan Shapir

Office Manager

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Astar has 15 years of experience in digital transformation, including information systems, data digitization, and social media campaigns. Prior to joining Edete,  Astar served as Director of Digitization at the Tivon Community Center Network and implemented information systems at the Israel Electric Corporation, the Israel Police, and more. 

Outside of work, Astar is highly involved in voluntary and social causes. She supports and leads women’s organizations in the advancement of gender equality and played an active role in realizing the adoption of the UN Convention on Gender Equality by her local council – making Kiryat Tivon the first community in Israel to make this move.

Astar graduated with a BA in Human Resource Management at Emek Yizrael Academic College and a certification in Management and Marketing on Social Media.

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