Ready to increase your pistachio yield by 15-30%?

Edete’s ground-breaking pollination technology can boost your pistachio crop yield naturally, no chemicals required. 

two rows of leafed out pistachio trees with a blue sky and clouds

Does any of this sound familar to you?


The weather is affecting my pistachio yields.

Rain, wind, and fluctuating temps all impact pollination and can’t be controlled.


My bloom times for my male and female trees are out of sync.

Low chill hours can cause trees to bloom out of synch, resulting in lower pollination rates.


My male pistachio trees are still young.

Immature male pistachio trees produce immature pollen, making it difficult to get high nut set.

We can help!

This could be YOU.

Our scientifically backed pollination method has been shown to increase pistachio yield while improving your return on investment.

Increase Pistachio Yield


Return on Investment


Our machinery

How It Works

Theautonomous pollinator is a tow-behind implement that precisely delivers pure and viable pollen to the pistachio tree canopy in a fog-like consistency.

High-quality, Clean, & Viable Pollen

Our propriety system tests and ensures that only the best pollen is used in your orchard.

Extensive Research & High-Tech Solution

The Edete precision pollination solution was developed by a team of experts and tested both in the lab and the field.

Every Detail Matters

The pollen receives an electromagnetic charge as it exits to improve the attachment to the stigma.

A Solution to Your Pollination Problem

Delivering high-quality pollen at just the right time is our specialty.

Ready to see how Edete can help you?

Precision Pollination

Speak to a Crop Specialist

Let’s talk about how we can start increasing your pistachio yield, today!

When you use Edete’s precision pollination solution, you don’t have to worry about the things out of your control like chill hours, wind, and rain.

Edete’s Precision Pollination Solution

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