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Imagine a world where agricultural pollination is no longer left to chance but becomes a precisely engineered process, ensuring optimal yields and securing our food supply for generations to come.

At Edete, we have developed a game-changing precision pollination solution that is not only highly effective but also scalable for commercial agricultural applications. Unlike other approaches that rely on vague ideas, our methods are firmly grounded in rigorous lab and field research, ensuring that every step we take is supported by concrete evidence.

The secret to our success lies in the powerful combination of engineering expertise and plant science. Our solution is not merely a “good idea,” but it is a proven and data-driven innovation that will redefine the future of agriculture.


Groundbreaking Technology

Our solution has been developed by the powerful combination of engineering and plant science.


Data-driven Innovation

Adopting innovations to increase production efficiencies will be key to remaining competitive in the tree nut and fresh fruit markets.


Scalable Operations

Our precision pollination solution is effective and scalable for commercial ag uses.

Investing in the future

Funding Tomorrow’s Success

We recognize the immense potential that lies ahead. Therefore, we are actively seeking visionary investment partnerships from individuals and organizations who want to be a part of this groundbreaking endeavor. Together, we aim to propel Edete into a multi-million dollar business over the next couple of decades, cementing our position as pioneers in the agricultural technology sector.

market opportunity

The market opportunity for our precision pollination solution is colossal, reaching into the billions. By joining forces with us, investors will contribute their resources and experiences to capitalize on capturing just a portion of the markets we serve. As we expand our reach and establish a global presence, the potential returns for our vested partners are boundless.

Dependable Revenue

Currently, our business model operates “as a service,” providing supplemental pollination to crops that can benefit from our technology. This ensures a steady revenue stream as we continue to refine and perfect our solution. However, we have even bigger plans for the future.

Profitable Prospects

Our initial focus has been on the lucrative pistachio and almond markets, where we see potential revenue ranging from $500 million to $1 billion. With such promising figures, we are confident in our ability to penetrate other agricultural sectors and bring our precision pollination solution to a wide range of crops, ensuring a sustainable future for global agriculture.

map of future Edete market potential

Help Us Feed the World

By investing in Edete, you are not only backing a groundbreaking technology but also supporting a mission that will shape the way we produce food and safeguard our environment. Join us in this transformative journey, and together, we will revolutionize agriculture for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Next Steps

Roadmap to the Future

dirt road leading through pistachio tree orchard

February 2023

1st Almond Pollination Trial in California


April 2023

Increased Paid Pistachio Pollination Service Acreage by 60%


February 2024

Completing Almond Pollination R&D Phase


April 2024

Plan to Increase Pistachio Pollination Service Acreage by 400%



Invest in State-of-the-Art Pollination Harvesting, Processing and Storage Capability



Begin R&D Phase for Next Crop

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