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Boost your pistachio crop yield by 15-30% naturally, no chemicals required. Maximize the power of pollen with Edete’s precision pollination service.

Pistachios are your specialty.

As someone deeply familiar with the challenges that come with nurturing a successful pistachio crop year after year, pistachio growers like yourself understand the critical factors at play. A bountiful harvest of premium-quality pistachios relies on a delicate balance of elements within your orchard, many of which are under your control. Healthy soil, ample water, vigilant pest and weed management, robust rootstock and genetics, and the use of efficient farming techniques to control costs all contribute to the equation.

However, one factor remains uncertain…
How can you ensure successful pollination this year?

Imagine a scenario where pollination is no longer a gamble – relying on “chance” and “hope” – but rather a controllable factor as part of your existing comprehensive pistachio crop management plan.

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Pollination Timing Challenges

Bloom Desynchronization

Oftentimes, nature needs a helping hand. And when it comes to natural pollination in a pistachio orchard, growers frequently encounter three primary obstacles: bloom desynchronization, low pollination rate, and male tree juvenility.

To produce a bountiful pistachio harvest, female pistachio trees require adequate amounts of male pollen applied by the wind at the right time. This process depends heavily on the flowers of male and female trees blooming simultaneously, which can be affected by the number of chill hours the trees receive in the winter. Low chill in the winter means an increased likelihood that the males and females are not in sync.

Pistachio Yield problems

Low Pollination Rate

Even when chill hours are adequate, the springtime weather itself (during the peak pollination period) can hinder natural pollination. Temperature (too hot or cold), precipitation, and even the wind (too much or too little) can all have a negative effect on the female pistachio trees being pollinated at the right time and adequately.

Inconsistent or insufficient pollination will result in reduced yields and lower-quality nuts, as well as contribute to the alternate bearing pattern commonly observed in fruit trees, including pistachios. Adequate and consistent pollination is crucial to achieving desired yields and high-quality pistachio nuts and can be delivered straight from Edete’s pure pollen bank.

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Tree Maturation Hurdles

Male Tree Juvenility

Male juvenility in 5 to 6-year-old trees can result in immature pollen, which can cause an incomplete or less effective fertilization process. If the pollen is not superior quality or not present in sufficient quantities due to male juvenility, fewer female flowers will be fertilized, leading to a lower nut set.

Unfortunately, growers do not have control over this factor, but supplemental, controlled pollination can help ensure that the female trees have access to mature pollen and can achieve successful fertilization, resulting in better nut sets and more consistent yields.

Our Solution

Precision Pollination

We bring the pollen to your orchard.

With Edete’s unique pollen bank, we are the only agricultural service provider bringing a precision pollination solution to commercial growers. We transport genetically fit and high-quality pollen, equipment, labor, and materials to the orchard and distribute the pollen to the crop at exactly the right time by monitoring the bloom and strategically deciding when to pollinate.

Our machinery

How It Works

Theautonomous pollinator is a tow-behind implement that precisely delivers pure and viable pollen to the pistachio tree canopy in a “fog- like” consistency.
Step One

Before loading the machine with pollen, the pollen is tested for quality (cleanliness & viability) using a specially designed instrument and our proprietary QA protocols. We are the only pollen company using this specialty equipment.

Step Two

Pure pollen is loaded into our proprietary “dosing” system canister.

Step Three

Using our controlled pollen air system, the pollen is delivered uniformly to each of the canons (individual canons can be enabled/disabled as needed.) The system keeps the pollen fresh and viable through the entire process, even during long hard shifts, under rough conditions. 

Step Four

The pollen is precisely “dosed” based on a recipe that comes from our internal botanic team. Our recipe has been developed through extensive field and lab research. Only pure pollen is applied, not mixed with any dry or wet carrier.

Step Five

Before the pollen exits the canon, there is an electrostatic charge applied to the pollen to help increase the likelihood that pollen will attach itself to the stigma.

Step Six

A sophisticated control system allows for the perfect amount of pollen to be dispersed proportionally to the speed of the tractor.  We are typically moving at a rate of 4-6 MPH through the rows.

Is It Worth It?

Our scientifically-backed method has been shown to increase pistachio yields while improving your return on investment.

Increase Pistachio Crop Yield


Return on Investment


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The world needs you

A Safety Net For Food Security

At Edete, we are very patient and thorough agricultural problem solvers. We understand that solving issues that growers face and the unpredictable nature of farming requires persistence and perseverance.

At our core, we are farmers who understand agriculture, and we dedicate our time and efforts to helping other farmers do what is needed to feed the planet effectively, responsibly, and efficiently.

Precision Pollination

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What Growers Are Saying

Pollination plays an indispensable role in the health and vitality of our ecosystems, directly influencing the stability of global food systems.  For this reason, any efforts made to support robust and sustainable pollination strategies are encouraged.

At Olam Food Ingredients (OFI), we recognize the pivotal role of pollination in both our operations and the broader agricultural industry.  We therefore support solutions that are aimed at giving growers more control over this critical part of the growing cycle.

OFI is aware of the efforts being made by Edete Precision Technologies for Agriculture (Edete) in this area.  In particular, the technology being developed by Edete for a mechanical pollination solution aimed at replicating the natural pollination process.

It is encouraging to see this type of innovation within the agricultural industry, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes which Edete’s technology may bring in relation to pollination efficiency and effectiveness.

Pierre Morne' Janse van Rensburg

General Manager Orchard Operations, OFI

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